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Recovery Checklist To Reopen Your Studio
This article will guide you through the steps suggested you take to re-open your studio. 

- Complete ClubReady's Re-Open Survey

- Review or create new Waiver for clients to complete when entering club
  • Connect with your lawyer if any language needs to be updated

- Communicate with your members!
  • Ensure you're over-communicating with your members on your re-open date so they're not surprised of any upcoming charges

- Once members are bulk unfrozen, check Invoices Coming Due
  • This will show upcoming invoices due and allow you to see if you need to make any invoice due date adjustments. Take this day by day so you're not updating all invoices at once

- Check Frozen Members report to see if any members should remain frozen. 

- Use ClubReady Tools if any bulk adjustments need to be made to member accounts.

- Review Member List report to ensure membership expiration, invoice due date and next payment amount are correct

- Turn on Late Pay settings and make any necessary adjustments

- Review Past Dues report to see if anyone should not be past due, make any necessary adjustments
  • Review daily, since late pay settings will be turned on, to see if any late fee invoices need to be cancelled

- Review & Update Class/Service Schedule

- Review & Update Products/Inventory

If you have leadSPEAK and globally turned OFF automation, be sure to globally turn back ON when you're ready. 

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