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Best Practices: Converting To A Contact - Less Club
The fitness industry will be forever changed from COVID-19 and one aspect we can expect that will remain changed in operating contact-less. Member check-ins, product purchases and money handling are all affected. This guide will go over some different ways you can leverage ClubReady in helping to make your club contact-less. 

Requirements - Please review the requirements in each article linked below. 

Converting To A Contact-less Club 

Member Check-ins 
  • Check-in Web Kiosk
    • The web kiosk is a web URL that can connect to a scanner and be setup for barcodes. If a member has a barcode assigned to their account, they can use the ClubReady Members App to pull up their barcode to scan & check-in to the club. Another option is for the club can order barcode fobs and assign to members for them to scan. 
    • The web kiosk also allows for contact-less confirmation of bookings by setting up your kiosk to automatically confirm a member's booking. 
  • ClubReady Desktop App
    • Unlike the web kiosk, the desktop app is an application that runs in the background so a page does not need to be pulled up when a member scans in. This will require a barcode scanner and members will need to have barcodes assigned to their account. Members can either using the ClubReady Members App or barcode fobs to scan and check-in. 
  • ClubReady Class Kiosk App
    • This tablet application was designed for members to check and book themselves into classes. Although this isn't a contact-less solution, if you have a club tablet and have this application downloaded, you could have your front desk staff or instructor check members in. Clubs can disable the phone number verification setting to eliminate a confirmation step. 
  • Check-in Monitor 
    • The check-in monitor allows staff to manually check in a member to the club. This option would work best for a club that isn't class or service based, does not have a barcode scanner, but has a staff member available to check members in. 
  • Manually Marking Shows 
    • For staff that have the permission to log off class and log off service bookings, they can manually mark a booking as completed. 
    • If your studio is planning to use this as the primary form of operations, please be sure to checkout: Best Practice on How to Build an Automation Rule that will check your members into the studio if they show up for a booking:

POS & Products 

When customers make retail purchases, staff will want to refrain from touching the retail item to scan or search for a barcode. It is also recommended for clubs to refrain from cash and check sales. Most clubs have a credit-card swipe and will want to allow members to swipe their own cards instead of handing off to the staff member. 

There are a couple different options on how to ring up retail items in a contact-less way. 
  • Scanning product barcodes 
    • If your club has a barcode scanner, it can be used to scanned retail items. The customer will want to hold up the tag to the scanner instead of having staff grab the item and scan at the POS.
    • If you need to learn how to print product labels, click here.

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