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Reports - Active Members
This article is an overview of the Active Members Report. This report will display all Active Members at the time that the report is run. Additionally, there is a filter to run this report for Prospects.

Requirements - A Master Admin login or a staff type with the following permissions:
  • Reporting - Can access reports
  • Reporting - Can access Members: Active Members 

Accessing and Generating the Active Members Report

To generate your Active Members report, navigate to Reports > Members > Active Members > Members > Run Report tabTo run the Prospects report, select the Prospects tab > Run Report. The web page report will then populate below, displaying your Active Members.

Understanding your Report

User ID - client's user ID
First / Last Name - client's first and last name
Referral Type - referral type assigned to the profile
Membership Type- client's Membership Type (not included in Prospects report)
Member Since - date that the client became a member (not included in Prospects report)
Phone - client's phone number
Cell Phone - client's cell phone number
Email - client's email address
Address - client's address
City - client's city
State - state that the client lives in
Zip - client's zip code

To export the data, select the floppy disk and choose your method of export: CSV (comma delimited), PDF, or Excel.

TIP: You can calculate the total number of days a user has been a member up to today using a formula in Excel. Insert a column after the Member Since column. Use Formula =Days("X/X/2020", F3). Copy and paste the formula down the list. 

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