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Purchase Products Through Point Of Sale
This article will guide you through purchasing a product through a POS terminal.


Requirements - A Master Admin or staff type with the following permissions:

  • Point Of Sale (POS) - Can access POS terminals
  • If you have a Full POS Terminal (receipt printer and cash drawer) you will need to grant your staff access to this terminal, click here.

Purchasing Products Through The Point Of Sale

Accessing the POS Terminal

To access this screen you will need to click on Main > POS. If you are not already logged into a POS you will need to access one. On a simple terminal click the GO button or on a Full POS click the Open button to start the Open POS process. For steps on opening a Full POS, click here.

Item Selection & Options

Use the quick pad on the left to add items into the register, or use the Product Search button to type in an item name. Use the drop down menu to assign the sale to a staff member other than the current user (selected by default). 

Item Adjustments

Click on an item's name to access adjustment options. The sale of this item can be assigned to a different staff member, a discount can be applied, the quantity and price can be adjusted also. Add in any desired notes and click Update to save your changes. 

Use Click To Lookup A Person to search for a prospect, member or customer and save a record of this purchase in their billing history. 

Payment Screen

Clicking the CHECKOUT button at the bottom of the POS terminal will advance you to the payment screen.  You can again select which staff member should get credit for the sale. Select the payment method for the purchase. 

Cash sales should use the cash pad on the left side of the checkout screen. Type in the amount of cash being given to you, or use the EXACT button if you are being given the exact amount owed. Any change to give to the customer will be noted. 

Use CARD or BANK ACH to either swipe, enter, or pull from the client's account on file for this purchase. 

EXTERNAL payments can be recorded. This is used for a sale outside of ClubReady. Perhaps your club uses a 3rd party credit card processor and terminal, or the client already paid for this item previously such as a Groupon. 

CHECK is used for taking a written check as the form of payment. 

Complete the Sale

After selecting your payment method the option to COMPLETE THIS SALE will appear at the top of the screen. The transaction summary will be in the middle for all items in this purchase.  Payment method can be changed by clicking on the red x.  Depending on terminal settings, you may have the option to print a receipt, email a receipt, or both. Click on COMPLETE THIS SALE when ready to checkout. 

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