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Product Update: Virtual Meeting Links

This article will show you how to add virtual meeting links to new class and service bookings, and existing bookings. 

Requirements - A Master Admin login or a staff type with the following permissions:
  • Scheduling: Can make service (non class) bookings
  • Classes: Can schedule classes 

NOTE: This option is only available for services/classes setup with Location Type as VIRTUAL. If selecting Location Type as PHYSICAL it will not allow you to add a virtual meeting link.

Learn more on how to setup Location Types On Classes & Services

Virtual Meeting Link 

Adding Link to New Class

When creating a new class, that is not currently on the schedule, you will navigate to Bookings > Classes > Add a Class. After selecting the class type, under "optional class name", there will be a field called virtual meeting link where you will enter the URL for the meeting:

Adding Link to Existing Class

If the class has already been created, but you need to add the virtual meeting link, navigate to Bookings > Classes > select the class > click "add virtual meeting link":

Once that is clicked, the field to paste the virtual meeting link will appear and after the link is pasted click "upload" for the link to save. 

Adding Link to Service Bookings 

When creating a new service booking under Bookings > Grid View once the instructor, service time & service type is selected the add virtual meeting link will appear:

If you are not able to add a virtual meeting link at the time the service booking is made, you can go back to the booking on the grid view and edit on the booking details:

Email Confirmation 

The [bookingdetails] email tag will now include any virtual meeting link provided when a new booking is made for a client, assuming "Send Customer An Email" is selected

When a user clicks or copy/paste the virtual meeting link from the club email received, they will be marked as a "Show" for their booking. 

Client Portal 

When a client is logged into their customer portal, their homepage will display their upcoming bookings and when they click on the class or service they are booked into the pop-up will display the virtual meeting link:


This link is accessible via the API which will allow clubs to integrate onto their custom apps.
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