ClubReady Api

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The following routes are available for this service:
GET/sales/paymentProfile/balanceInquiryLook up Factor 4 gift card balance This endpoint has two inquiry styles. If only the AcctToken is provided, it can look up balance of a factor4 gift card that has already been imported into ClubReady. If both PaymentProfile and AcctToken are provided, this endpoint will add the profile to the user before looking up the balance. If you provide both parameters, a separate call to 'sales/paymentProfile/import' is unnecessary. The AcctToken and ProfileToken are created by the ClubReadyGateway API.
PaymentProfileBalanceInquiryEndpoint Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
ApiKeyquerystringYesApi Authentication Key
StoreIdqueryintYesStore Id
AcctTokenquerystringYes Encoded data uniquely identifying the payment profile. Long term storage of AcctToken is not recommended, as the token may change over time (for example, by processes like Account Updater). The length is usually 80 characters.
ProfileTokenquerystringNo Encoded data containing non-PCI information about the Payment Profile. ProfileTokens contain a timestamp. If the ClubReady API does not process the token within 5 minutes, it cannot be accepted and a new profile will have to be created with a new AcctToken. The time validation is to prevent old tokens from be re-played at a later time. The length is variable, but generally around 1,000 characters.
PaymentProfileBalanceInquiryRequest Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
PamentProfileBalanceInquiryEndpointResponse Parameters:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription

To override the Content-type in your clients, use the HTTP Accept Header, append the .json suffix or ?format=json

To embed the response in a jsonp callback, append ?callback=myCallback


The following are sample HTTP requests and responses. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

GET /sales/paymentProfile/balanceInquiry HTTP/1.1 
Accept: application/json
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: length