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Support Tools: Product Uploads
This article will walk you through using the Product Uploads Tool in ClubReady Backoffice. 

Product Uploads Tool 

1. Access Product Uploads Tool

Navigate to ClubReady Backoffice > Support > Support Tools. Select Products > Product Uploads.

2. Upload Products 

Store ID / Chain ID - Type the ClubReady ID for the chain or club requesting the product upload. 
Excel File - Browse the file on your local computer. 
Click Upload. NOTE: This will only show up if there are no errors with the file uploaded. 

Common Errors when uploading the excel template: 

- Wholesale Price / Standard Price is missing or incorrect - confirm it is the right format. 
- Product Category does not exist - confirm it matches what is available under their settings. 
- Duplicate product barcode

If any of these errors, you may need to reach out to the club to have them adjust the information in order to proceed.  

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