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Product Update: Chargeback Notifications

Product Update: Chargeback Notifications

At ClubReady, we want to make sure you are up to date on what we have been working on to help your system run more smoothly and efficiently - so you have more time to focus on your club! 

If you ever have any additional questions, or would like some clarification on anything, please live chat with us, email us at, or call 800-405-4818.

This feature's updates:

Fully Managed clubs, i.e. clubs that receive remits directly from ClubReady, will now be able to utilize a new Internal Report for "Chargeback Notifications." Found in Setup > Communication > Internal Reports > Chargeback Notifications, an owner / admin can now add their email to this distribution list to receive a daily notification of chargeback activity from their members.

Here is where to go to add yourself to this Internal Report:

Scroll down to Chargeback Notifications and add yourself to the distribution list:

Here is an example what this report will look like:

How does this affect me at the club level?

Chargebacks are negative actions taken against you by your members. Put simply, instead of cancelling their agreement with you, they cancelled the draft on their card. Their card issuer, without regard to any signed agreement you have with the member, will deny this charge and refund their client, your member. A chargeback occurs against ClubReady from their card issuer. ClubReady holds this charge against the club where it came from by withholding the disputed invoice amount plus a chargeback fee from the next remit sent to the club. To help the club recuperate this loss, the disputed invoice and the chargeback fee are then assigned to the member who took the negative action.

For Fully Managed clubs, ClubReady will dispute this action with the client's card issuer. As the notification says, please make sure all corresponding documents regarding the agreement are uploaded onto the member's profile. While we cannot promise a favorable resolution 100% of the time, making sure all supporting documents regarding the agreement are available greatly increases these chances.

This new Internal Report is meant to help clubs stay on top of chargeback activity, upload the needed documents accordingly, and help the clubs communicate with their members regarding their billing disputes in a timely and effective manner.

So, what is the takeaway?

At ClubReady, you can be assured that every day we are working hard to protect the integrity of our system for you. This ranges from enhanced operations to data and information security - while putting pieces in place to solve problems before they arise so that you, our clubs, can spend more time working your business than working our system.

Again, if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us with the chat feature, email us at, or call us at 800-405-4818.

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