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F A Q - Chargebacks ( Part 2 )
This article will continue to show a list of frequently asked questions by ClubReady users in regards to Chargebacks. This is specifically for Full Service Clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions - Chargebacks

1. How can I get money back for chargeback fees? 

ClubReady is charged a fee from the bank, and cannot accept any liability on funds lost. ClubReady assesses a fee to recoup our fee from the bank as well as pay for the chargeback service. 

2. What is a Return Fee? 

Return Payment Fees are added to the cardholder's account due to merchant services charging fees per chargeback. These Return Fees helps the club recoup funds back. 

3. Does ClubReady dispute chargebacks for customer's in 3rd Party Status? 

No. It is considered unethical in the banking industry to have 2 separate companies attempting to collect money at the same time. All payments turned over to 3rd Party Collections are not disputed with the bank. 

4. Does ClubReady refunds an invoice once it is marked as 'paid/chargeback redeposit'? 

Any refunds due to the member are the club's responsibility to disperse. 

5. What happens if a payment is marked as a Chargeback instead of being refunded back to the customer? 

This happens very rarely but it would put the payment into Under Review status. This is a simple fix for ClubReady support. 

6. Can ClubReady cancel a chargeback? 

ClubReady cannot stop the chargeback process once it has started. We will need to wait for the decision from the bank.

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