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F A Q - Chargebacks ( Part 2 )
This article will continue to show a list of frequently asked questions by ClubReady users in regards to Chargebacks. This is specifically for Full Service Clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions - Chargebacks

1. Does ClubReady notify me when a chargeback happens?

If you opt in to receive Chargeback Notification Emails, an email will be sent when a chargeback is processed in a member's account. You can locate the Chargeback Notification setup under Setup > Communication > Internal Reports > Select "Manage Distribution List" and add email addresses for club admin you wish to receive this information

2. How can I get money back for chargeback fees? 

ClubReady is charged a fee from the bank when a member of a club initiates a chargeback dispute. ClubReady cannot be liable for any actions taken by members against the club, and must impose a fee to recover any loss. This fee also includes providing the service of disputing cases with the bank on the club's behalf. This fee is only reflected in the club's remit, and is non refundable.

3. What is a Return Fee? 

Return Payment Fees are created in the member's account when a charged back/returned payment is reflected.  This Return Fee is for the club to collect from the member and offset the Chargeback Fee imposed by ClubReady

4. Does ClubReady dispute chargebacks for customer's in 3rd Party Status? 

No. It is considered unethical in the banking industry to have 2 separate companies attempting to collect money at the same time. All payments turned over to 3rd Party Collections are not disputed with the bank. 

5. Does ClubReady refund an invoice once it is marked as 'paid/chargeback redeposit'? 

Any refunds due to the member are the club's responsibility to disperse. 

6. What happens if a staff member accidentally marks a payment as a "Chargeback" instead of refunding back to the customer? 

This happens very rarely but it would put the payment into Under Review status. Fortunately, nothing happens to the payment and can easily be reversed by contacting ClubReady support. 

7. Can ClubReady cancel a chargeback? 

ClubReady cannot stop the chargeback process once it has started. We will need to wait for the decision from the bank.

8. My member states they called their bank and reversed the Chargeback Dispute. What does ClubReady need to credit my account?

If the member states they agree to the charge and requested their bank to stop the dispute, a letter from the bank to the member will be issued. This official letter will include a statement from the bank acknowledging the cardholder's acceptance of the charge and that the account will be re-debited for the amount. This letter is sufficient proof for ClubReady to send back to our bank and issue a credit for the charged back payment to the club.

9. How am I notified when a chargeback case is settled?

You can always check the status of a chargeback case by pulling a "Refunds and Returns" report, located in the Report section of your ClubReady Site. The bank normally updates the case within 60 days, but can take up to 90 days in review.

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