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F A Q - Chargebacks ( Part 1 )
This article will show a list of frequently asked questions by ClubReady users in regards to Chargebacks. This is specifically for Full Service Clubs. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Chargebacks 

1. How long does it take to get my money redeposited to my account? 

Once a chargeback case has been sent back to the bank, we can expect a decision in 90-100 days. When ClubReady is notified that the case is won for the club, the money will be redeposited, both reflected in the members account as well as the remit. 

2. Why did we lose the case? 

There can be different reasons why a club might lose a dispute: 
  • Not having proper documentation (Fully signed agreement, Booking Log, Copy of Payment Receipts and Invoices, etc.)
  • Not being upfront and honest about gym policies and rules. Miscommunication is a big reason for chargebacks.
  • Even with all the appropriate documentation, the case can be decided in the member's (or Cardholder's) favor. The credit card companies make the final decision and we have no control over the outcome of the case.

3. Why wasn't I notified? 

Chargebacks are updated daily in the Refunds and Returns Report. In order to keep track of chargebacks in your location, you will need to go to Reports > Sales > Refunds / Returns. You may filter to just view Returns for a specific date range.

4. Do I need to request for ClubReady to start the dispute / chargeback process? 

Once a customer initiates a dispute, ClubReady is automatically notified. The club will not need to make a request for ClubReady to start the process. 

5. Why is the client's payment profile deleted from the system? 

The CC or ACH will be automatically deleted from the customer's account to avoid the system drafting a payment profile associated with a chargeback. The club will need to reach out to the customer to acquire a new payment profile once the dispute is done. 

6. There is a chargeback in my club, what are the next steps? 

The ClubReady Chargeback team will gather all the necessary documentation and present the case back to the bank within 14 business days. Notes will be updated in the member's account and the Refunds and Returns Report will reflect the current status of the case.

Usually a decision is made within 60 days however it can take up to 120 days for a case to resolve and close. If the case was resolved in your favor, the funds will be credited back to the club via the member's account. 

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