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How To Send A (sms) Text Blast
This article will guide you through sending a SMS text blast.


RequirementsA Master admin or staff type with the following permissions:

  • Member Management: General - Can access member options
  • Member Management: Communication - Can send bulk SMS text messages 

Sending A Sms Text Blast

1. Select Clients to Receive the Blast

To start narrowing down who will receive a blast click on the Prospect or Customer / Members tab. To narrow the list of clients further click on the 3 lines button. This will provide you with options to narrow the search. Select any of the desired filters from options.

2. Send the Blast

The next step is to click on the Text (SMS) tab. The first section of the Text (SMS) screen will display the current amount of credit available and allow you to view prices and add credit.  It also will let you know the limits placed on this feature like maximum amount of promotional message per week, the sufficient amount of credits need to be available and the time frame of when SMS texts are able to be sent.

The last section is where you will actually compose the message.  There is a text counter to help you know if you are under or over the 160 character limit for a text.  Type in your message and then click the button Send Text Message (SMS) Blast to start the send process

The confirmation dialog box will appear for you confirm how many people will be receiving this message. Click the OK button to finalize the send or the Cancel button if you do not want the text to go out.

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