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Edit Membership Status
This article will guide you through editing member status. This includes the member since date, expiration date, and internal prospect type. 

RequirementsA Master Admin login or a staff type with the following permissions:

  • Member Management: General: Can access client options
  • Member Management: General: Can change customer status 

Membership Status

What is a Member? 

In a membership club, a member is someone who has purchased a membership agreement. Their access date (expiration date) is driven from their agreement. A member will remain active until they reach their expiration date. 

Editing Membership Status


To edit membership status, search and select the desired member. On the summary screen, click the All Detail icon.

Click the edit pencil next to the current Status. You can also go to General > Edit Membership Status. 

You now have some options for adjusting this member's membership status. 

Member Since Date -This date is set by the member's original membership purchase date. 
Membership Expiration Date -This date is based off of the member's membership package. This date can be edited to change this member's access to the club. This can be helpful if you need to provide, for example, a free month on a paid in full member. 
Internal Prospect Type/Convert Back to Prospect - If they are a member, you may use this field to classify them as an Internal Prospect Type. If you set a member to an expired date, you can then re-classify them as a prospect type of your choosing here. 
Add A Note - This allows you to create a note when making any adjustments to the membership status. 

When you are done making changes, click on Update Status. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How do I make an active member a prospect? 
You must change and update member expiration date to a date in the past. Member will then show as an Inactive Member. Once member is set to "inactive" you will need to remove the Member Since and Expiration Dates. You will be required to select a membership prospect type. 

- Is there a way to see who changed or edited a membership status? 

Yes, whenever a membership status is updated it will be logged within the clients profile under member notes. Member > General > Member Notes. This will log the date and time of the change, by whom made the change of the status, as well as a description of the dates that were adjusted. 

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