Joseph Martino
Master Trainer
Joseph Martino is an internationally recognized Fitness Professional armed with his degree in specialized sports studies. From his excursions overseas managing and consulting with luxury hotels, resorts and travels around the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Far-East and North America he brings a unique approach and a vast spectrum of experience to specialized training techniques to develop a positive dynamic environment along with his wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry. While overseas Joseph had the opportunity to work with elite athletes in various types of athletics and was able to merge the physical qualities of speed and strength to produce an athlete capable of running faster and jumping higher in sports such as, Motor Sports, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay-Thai, Wrestling, Soccer, etc... Through these experiences it has lead him to become the Co-Founder of The Motion Room, Co-Founder of LinxActive, Owner of Gametime Fitness, a canfitpro Pro Trainer, a BOSU Master Trainer and an Advisor of the Health & Fitness Promotion Program at Humber College.
Cheryl Okorofsky
Fitness Professional
Cheryl has her Masters in Social Work. She began her own fitness success story about 10 years ago, when she started on the path to ultimately losing 80lbs and completely changing around her life. As her passion for fitness grew, so did her involvement to where she is now working full time training, teaching classes, and leading by example as she motivates others. Cheryl is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA, is CPR certified, and has a plethora of other group fitness certifications to teach such classes as Insanity, Kickbox, as well as Aquafit. She is a firm believer that if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.
Rob Nardecchia
Fitness Professional
Rob Nardecchia is a life long fitness fan. From playing sports all his life to snowboarding and obstacle course running today, Rob is just about game for anything. As a former actor and mediocre stand up comedian turned personal trainer and fitness instructor, Rob brings a lot of energy and fun to the gym but don’t think that means your time will be easy. Rob kindly reminds everyone to leave their comfort zones with their jackets before their session begins.
Benyapa Martino
Holistic Practioner - Massage
With over 10 years of international Thai Massage experience in the Spa Industry, Benyapa brings a unique approach and a vast spectrum of experience and knowledge to specialized techniques in the realm of massage, aesthetics and beauty treatments. She has worked in and assisted in the development of spa treatments in several luxury hotels such as, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa, Le Royal Meridian Hotel, Banyan Tree Spa & Hotel and the Cleopatra Spa. Benyapa, better known as Bee is excited to bring and apply her experience from the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Far-East to North America right here at The Motion Room.
Slater Worth
Fitness Professional
For a young guy, Slater draws on his many years of experience from a wide variety of athletics and fitness training. Lifelong participation in team sports like baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer have given Slater a well honed approach to fitness. High school team sports, weightlifting and fitness steered Slater into this career path. While completing his Ontario College Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at Georgian College, he obtained his canfitpro PTS Certificate and he was honoured with the Lieutenant Governors Award for Community Volunteering. Slater brings a ‘never give up’ spirit to his peers and colleagues and he can show you that you can beat your inner demons by having a positive role model (like him!!) at your side.