Escondido - Boot Camp

1310 East Valley Parkway, 111, Escondido, CA, 92027 760-481-5555

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Family Rate (SUMMERTIME) $25 per week

Package Price: $25.00
Before Tax: $25.00
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Next Payment: 7/21/2024
Before Tax: $25.00
Tax: $0.00
Due 7/21/2024: $25.00

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Access to Boot Camp from June 2024-End of August 2024. Family Rate (SUMMERTIME) $25 per weekly payments. $0 Registration Fee.

How To Cancel

Membership Cancellation and Hold Policy Holds All holds must be approved by Coach Garrett or Coach Sarah. Holds are only allowed if the request is for 2-weeks or longer. We know you may take a vacation, need a week off. But holds are only for anything longer than 2-weeks. For any reason a member is allowed to hold their account at their current rate for up to 12-weeks. Hold amount for current members is 1-week of member’s regular weekly fees. This fee is charged every 4-weeks of the hold. Medical Hold- No fees charged with medical hold. However, an MD note is REQUIRED for medical hold. Hold begins date MD note is approved and received by Garrett or Sarah. Cancellation Fees All membership agreements require a 2-week payment for cancellations. You may access workouts during that time until the 2-weeks are up!

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