Strive 24/7

3C Lopez Rd, Wilmington, MA, 01887 978-267-4105

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Strive 24/7 - 12 Month Membership

Package Price: $35.00
Prorated Amount: $11.67
Startup including key fob: $50.00
Before Tax: $73.33
Tax: $0.00
Due Today: $73.33


Next Payment: 2/15/2021
Before Tax: $35.00
Tax: $0.00
Due 2/15/2021: $35.00

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This membership is a 12 month commitment. After the 12 months are met, it will assume a month-to-month membership.

How To Cancel

30 day cancellation notice after the first 12 months. If you need to cancel prior, there is a $199 cancellation fee.

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