VRTX Fitness

255 South Russell Street, Missoula, MT, 59801 (406) 541-3114

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Package Price: $29.99
Enrollment Fee: $50.00
Before Tax: $79.99
Tax: $0.00
Due Today: $79.99


Next Payment: 8/31/2021
Before Tax: $29.99
Tax: $0.00
Due 8/31/2021: $29.99

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The Source Individual Month to Month Membership. In addition to the monthly member fee there is a one time Annual Improvement Fee of $30 on March 5. We use 100% of this to purchase new equipment and improve the facility. Amenities Include: Free Design Your Own Workout Sessions Equipment Trainings with Personal Trainers Over 40 LIVE group fitness classes each week Largest indoor running track in Missoula Half Court Basketball hoop Steam Rooms and Rooftop Relaxation Deck Towels Included Rehab Equipment Options Leading sustainability w/ energy producing equipment And Much More… Stop by anytime and take a tour… Locally owned, operated, and invested in Missoula!

How To Cancel

· I AGREE to exemplify the mission of “Change Begins Inside”, which is focused on creating healthy individuals from the inside out. · Shirts and shoes are required as part of a modest atmosphere. · I AGREE to make any membership changes or cancellations in writing or by regular postal mail, but NOT by phone or email. Changes can take up to 14 days and no refunds or prorated dues are given for any reason. · I AGREE to immediately update my account information if my card/account is lost, stolen, or expired. I agree to pay a $5 per month fee if my account is delinquent. · I AGREE that The Source has recommended I consult a physician prior to using the facility. Since there are risks associated with physical activity along with accidental slips and falls, I (and my family) agree to waive our right or cause of action and agree to hold harmless The Source and its affiliates. · I AGREE that I am responsible for lost or stolen items and clothing, any item left longer than 4 weeks will be donated to a charitable cause. · I AGREE to not allow my children under 16 to be unsupervised on the premises, or on any equipment without assistance unless with a personal trainer or in a paid class and The Source may terminate my membership at any time for child neglect. · I AGREE that The Source may close periodically for Holidays and facility maintenance. No refunds or prorated dues will be given. · I AUTHORIZE The Source to automatically adjust my membership rate when appropriate age transitions occur. · I AUTHORIZE my financial institution to pay all my membership costs including the Annual Improvement Fee ($30) until up to 14 days past the time a signed cancellation form is completed in writing. No phone cancellation are accepted. · I AGREE that The Source reserves the right to any future changes in membership rates and fees.

I understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions