The Fitness Lab - Boise

6843 N Strawberry Glen Rd, Suite 150, Boise, ID, 83714 208-488-4570

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All Club Access 1 Year Commitment

Package Price: $25.99
Enrollment Fee: $30.00
Before Tax: $55.99
Tax: $1.56
Due Today: $57.55


Next Payment: 2/28/2022
Before Tax: $25.99
Tax: $1.56
Due 2/28/2022: $27.55

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All Club Access 1 year Commitment will include 24/7 access to our gym, and full access to all of our group classes we offer.

How To Cancel

With our 1 year commitment membership the cancellation policy requires a member to provide proof of move (new home lease, or mail) or a doctors note stating why you must cancel.

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