ZAPP Fitness

191 Talmadge Road, Edison, NJ, 08817 732-287-1700

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Premium Membership

Package Price: $39.95
Enrollment: $0.00
Last Months Dues: $39.95
Before Tax: $79.90
Tax: $2.65
Due Today: $82.55


Next Payment: 11/5/2022
Before Tax: $39.95
Tax: $2.65
Due 11/5/2022: $42.60

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This membership plan is for a Premium monthly membership. The monthly price is $39.95 with a once a year ANNUAL FEE of $39 which bills 3 months after today's date, and continuing annually for the life of the membership. The first and last month's dues are required at time of signup. Classes are included in this membership plan. Yoga classes and small group training are NOT included.

How To Cancel

Membership will continue on a monthly basis until a cancellation is received. To Cancel: One month advanced written notice must be sent to in order to cancel. Supply your name, tag number, and a phone number.

I understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions