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28 Day Kick Start with Nutrition

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Next Payment: 12/25/2022
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28 Day Kick-Start Program includes: · 2 Small-Group Functional Fitness Sessions per week, Led by a Personal Trainer (8 total) · Fit3D Full-Body composition scans at the Beginning and End of the 28 days (2 total) · Guided nutrition plan with accountability · Limited time offer available to new members only

How To Cancel

CANCELLATION POLICY - The INITIAL TERM of your membership is 4 weeks (28 days), and is paid up front as the down payment. Once purchased, cancellations/refunds requested BEFORE beginning the initial 28 day period are subject to a $25 early termination fee. Cancellations after the INITIAL TERM begins will not be refunded. - At the end of the 28 day promotional period (INITIAL TERM), this package will automatically roll over into a Recurring Dues Membership at the cost of $129, billed on a 4-week billing cycle, and will continue to include 2 sessions per week and a Fit3D scan every 4 week billing period. At that time, members will have the opportunity to upgrade to 3 sessions per week or unlimited sessions per week for an additional cost. - You may cancel your Recurring Dues Membership portion by DAY 27 of the INITIAL TERM, or at any time after the INITIAL TERM is complete, with written notice given 28 days in advance of the next billing cycle.

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